No headphone output - except when there is...?

Until recently all was well - but now i cannot get an audio output from the headphone socket except with one pair of headphones. All other outputs (to hi-fi and in-car audio system) fail to connect and sound still comes out of the phone’s own speaker, even though the plug us firmly ‘in’. Maybe a software problem?

So the same headphones that don’t work now worked before?
What if you take of the cover, does it work then?
While you’re at it try to #disassemble the phone, take out the Top Module and carefully clean it’s connectors.

Yes. I’ve taken the cover off but it makes no difference.
Until recently all small stereo jack plugs connected well and allowed a
signal to my headphones, my car sound system, my house hi-fi.
Now the headphones (Sennheisser CX400) still work, but none of the other
devices. Even though the plugs are firmly inserted, sound still comes from
the phone speaker. Except when the headphones are connected, when sound
transfers to the earbuds which are fine. No crackles, no dodgy connection,
great quality.
The socket is clear and i’ve just cleaned it too.

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