No Galileo on FP3+

I have a FP3+. With three applications, GPSTest, GPS Test and Statut GNSS, I see three constellations, GPS, GLONASS, Beidou but no Galileo.
On the specification of FP3+, it’s written in Sensors and Location, GNSS : GPS, Glonass, Galileo.
Why it’s no possible to use Galileo ?

If you test with GPSTest and select “Show only these GNSS”

  • Galileo

your list is empty?
With Lineage it shows me the satellites, so it should work

With GPSTest, and the selection GNSS Glonass, Galileo, the list is not empty but I see only the Glonass constellation.
What is Lineage ?

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I have misread and thought you can not see Glonass as well.
Lineage is a alternative Android, so I can’t tell you what is in the stock Android.
Technical the FP3 can make use of the Galileo Signal, if yours or all stock Android can’t it is a bug.
I would wait for others, maybe its a easy fix or contact the support.

With stock FP3, I get data from all except IRNSS/NavIC (Indian) through window, and during my short testing period all except QZSS (Japan) are used to extract position.
So I’d say all is fine here.
I did realize, that the roof shields half of the sky and GLONASS+GPS had less problems coming through than GALILEO.

Testing done with GPSTest App.


I have had my Fp3+ for almost two months now. I too, with GPSTest, GPS Test and GNSS Viewer, see no satellites of Galileo. I also do not see any saletllites from Beidou. I only see satellites of GPS and GLONASS.
I have contact with Support about this but no solution yet.

Today, May 5, the situation has changed, I see the Galileo satellites with the GPSTest application. So the problem is not with FP3 +, but perhaps with Galileo.

If I am indoors, I can see Galileo satellites with GPSTest, but they do not have a fix. But when I am outside, the satellites fall away.
Some Beidou satellites sometimes give a fix indoors. Outside, these also disappear.

Same here : wen I am indoor, my Fairphone 3 can see Galileo satellites, but doesn’t fix on them (“Pas de visibilité du matériel” - grey triangle with GPSTest on skyview mode).
When I am outdoor, Galileo satellites disappear from the map.

Do you know if there is a way to force connexion to Galileo satellites only ?

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