No Fairphone 2 found in fastboot mode

Hello FP Forum,

I really do want Fairphone Open but can not accomplish the manual.

I think my phone gets in fastboot, shown by the known splash screen, which stays on display instead of leading to android start up. I connect the phone via USB but flash-for-mac.command leads to the error, stated in the title of this topic. This is the complete code, triggered by the installation file:

** Fairphone Open 18.03.1 Manual Flashing Script **

WARNING: Flashing this image wipes all user data and settings on the phone.

Validating files…
Validation complete.
ERROR: Unable to create a plug-in (e00002be)

WARNING: No Fairphone 2 found in fastboot mode.
WARNING: Make sure that a Fairphone 2 is connected.
WARNING: To check for devices, type ‘/Users/sebastianschumann/Downloads/fp2-sibon-> 18.03.1-manual-switcher/bin-darwin/fastboot devices’.

Do you want to look for a Fairphone 2 again? [(Y)es/(n)o]:

I did a tutorial for installing adb and fastboot. I am in developer mode, with usb debugging enabled and media transfer mode. My cable is a transfer cable from an sony camera. I use OSX 10.13.04.

I would appreciate any ideas to try out.

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