No data connection available

I had to send my FP2 in to get my display repaired.
After I got it back i can not get it to establish a data connection.
wifi, sms and calls work just fine.
I also got an exclamation mark on my connection icon.

I have only 1 sim in 1. slot.

I tried:
disable/enable the card under SIM cards.
Under Data usage switch off and on Mobile data, set and untick mobile data limitUnder Mobile networks Switch on/off Data roaming, tested all
preferred network types, change APN
sim card works flawlessly in my old phone

what else can i try?
i think the settings of my APN are correct (compared everything with an email from my provider

I’d suggest you search the forum of your provider (or even do a web search) for the correct APN settings for Android 5.1. Sometimes the official settings are not correct or meant for different phones, but other users found the solution.

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I have tried dozens of variations for the APN, everything i could find.
nothing worked.
Before i sent the phone in for repairs it worked very well with the original settings and same sim.

Hey Craziivan,

we have the exactly same problem now, but even worse. My girlfriend has the FP2 and we also had to send the phone in for display repair (malfunctioning from factory). After the phone came back it cannot get any connection to the mobile network where we live (no phone, not data, only wifi works). If she is in the next town, she can make calls, but has no data connection. Her SIM card worked before the repair and works perfectly in her very old Sony smartphone and in my FP1U. In the last weeks we tried different SIM cards (friends’) and they all worked with GSM (phone), but we never got mobile data connection working.
I guess we need to call support again for that, or has anyone suggestions ?

Are you sure the APN settings are correct?

yes I am. I copied them from my old phone where the mobile data works.
and i also tried different variations i found on the web.

I am with the same provider than my girlfriend and I have a FP1.For me everythin works and her SIM card also works in my FP1. So we checked the APN settings with my FP1, which are the same.
Today I called Fairphone support again and they said they will replace the phone, hope this helps.

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