No data connection (2G, 3G, 4G) anymore - only WLAN works

Since several days I don’t get any data connection besides the WLAN anymore. I’m having a FP2 with the latest firmware. I’m using dual SIM and have already exchanged the SIM cards.

My SIM cards are from O2 Germany and Drillisch (O2 reseller).

Telephone calls are working.

Update: It is working now. I changed the APN data - and tested several other things. Then I saw that the option “Mobilfunkdaten” (“mobile data”) in “Datenverbrauch” (data usage) wasn’t enabled. I don’t know if this was disabled from the start (possibly deactivated by an update) or if that happened during my tests with deactivating and SIM cards and so on.

Are you using stock FP like you got it from Fairphone?

Yeah, everything is stock. Additionally since today I’m experiencing reboots every few minutes.

I’m afraid, I don’t know further here. Would have to look closer, especially for your reboots.

With O2 network I only had the experience that whenever a cell becomes unstable and does not work any more, then the phone won’t reconnect by itself to the cell working properly. So after the cell got repaired you’d have to reboot your phone in order that it reconnects properly to the network.

I crosstested it. With a Vodafone card everything works. The Drillisch card itself does work in an FP1 but not in two different FP2.

Concerning the reboots I will investigate further, but at first will have a look at the posts here in the forum concerning this issue. So I guess this thread can be closed.

The reboots that is currently discussed here is as far as I’m aware only for LineageOS, not for the common FPOS, delivered with the phone. LineageOS is a different operating system for the phone. Causes for reboots are certainly very different. Have you turned on Hiccup status for your phone and are you in a Wifi network (e.g. at home)?

I I have still found a thread discussing FP2 reboots on mechanical pressure and strange battery drain: FP2 reboots on mechanical pressure

Wifi is on, Hiccup is active. It seems to some issue with the two SIM cards. I’m currently exchaning the slots to see some pattern.

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had the same problem. forcing one sim to 2g fixed the issue for me.


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