No correct inputs - keyboard, homebutton an backbutton are not working propperly


yesterday my fairphone 1 suddenly did not respond when clicking the
home button. i just was wondering an thoungt, well, reboot and good. But
today morning I recognized, that it does not take some letters too. And
because I have a password and not a PIN, I couldn’t get it tourned on.
Well, I thought it propabely is a software issue and set it back to the
factory settings. But the problem still remains and NOW I have a real
problem. Home button, back button, Shift button - all gone.

What is to do?

Thx, Ullich

This sounds strange. Many people have experienced issues with unregistered touches when they phone is charging. Have you tried with the phone unplugged?

If that is not the issue, than it sounds like something is broken in the display assembly. I suggest you contact support.

Does anyone else have any other ideas?

if it also does not work without the charging cable attached that sounds like a hardware problem to me too :confused:

You should do the Touchscreen Test. Although I think we can all guess the results…