No contact from technical support

I am having a lot of problems with my new fairphone 2. I have contacted several times with the technical support but they don’t give me any solution. In fact, from April 6th they even don’t answer me. Please, do anybody knows what coul I do?

you can call the customersupport directly.

✆ EN & NL +31 20 788 4400
✆ FR +33 1 7020 0024
✆ DE +49 69 6640 4302

Monday to Friday, 09:30-17:30 CET


Apart from calling support, why not open a topic with your problems here in the forum so we could perhaps try to reference or come up with possible solutions?

There’s a search function, too.

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Thank you for your suggestions!
I do not share the idea of ​​calling since the cost of the call is quite high (I live in Spain) and I have spent enough money on a phone that does not work.
The main problem is that I bought the phone a month and a half ago and almost nothing works properly: no radio, no hands-free, no camera, no gps. These functions work randomly, sometimes yes, sometimes not. And the initial solution that I was given to disassemble the phone and reassemble it does not seem reasonable, much less for a new phone.

Well, within 14 days since the purchase you could have just returned it.

You are right about the new phone part.
However, considering you didn’t return it, it is one of the main selling points of the Fairphone 2 that you can disassemble and re-assemble the phone yourself with ease and without losing warranty (as long as you keep the modules themselves in one piece).

Just disassembling, cleaning contacts, assembling again has already helped so many people … so yes, as an initial solution it is perfectly reasonable.

And even if it doesn’t help in every case … it doesn’t take ages to do this, and when it is done you get to the next step with support faster than with back and forth discussing questions of meaning, I suppose. Here’s a nice video …


Thank you. I’ll try. However, I didn’t returned when I purchased because problems started later. Frankly, the last thing I expected was for a phone to start giving so many failures a month to buy it …

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