No connection to O2 network in UK with FP3

My phone was connected to Sky automatically. I tried to enter details for O2 APN, but it still cannot find the network. What more can I try?

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Needs info.
Why is that bad? What do you want to do in general? Roaming abroad?

APN settings don’t select a network, they set up how to access the internet from the cellular network. But for this to work access to the cellular network has to work first.

Depending on what you are trying to achieve in general, perhaps go to Settings - Network & Internet - Mobile network - Advanced, turn off “Automatically select network” there and try to select the network manually.
If your preferred network isn’t given then, there’s either no reception for it, or it can’t be accessed with your SIM card (e.g. in a roaming scenario if it isn’t a roaming partner of your original provider, these can be looked up in the internet).

You need to use the APN of your own operator, regardless of the network you’re roaming on.

As I see it, you have a Sky SIM, and Sky uses the O2 network? Then using Sky’s APN settings should give you internet.

Your phone does not show the name of the network if the network is ‘your own’, even if the name is different. You are likely connected through O2 already.

The Fairphone 3 does show the name, though, at least by default. You have to turn that off in the settings if you don’t want it.

Have you tried putting Sky SIM in other slot? No doubt you have accessed this Sky Resource?

Thanks for all the replies! This is all solved now, and in the end it had nothing to do with the settings on my phone. In fact, it is a bit embarrassing. When I requested a Sim swap I did not at the same time request that the bar from the number was lifted (I had lost my phone and so had the number barred). I thought if I request a new Sim for my number it will automatically work again.
It still shows Sky as the Network, but as somebody pointed out, I am sure connected to O2. I don’t mind what it shows, I was just surprised it wasn’t O2 if that is where I have the Sim from, and my contract. And it simply didn’t work, I could not phone or use data. But all sorted now. So like this, I can also confirm, no problems with Fairphone 3 on O2.

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