No camera connection - Fairphone 2 with Ubuntu Touch

I was recently having a few troubles with the FF2. (Slow, Camera droping out, Random restarts) after diciding to reset the phone I looked into Ubuntu Touch.
I was always trying to use my phone with a mac but never found way to do it. So I start using Ubuntu as my Desktop. It was great because I could drag and drop photos and files etc. After looking into Ubuntu Touch I was sold on its user friendly use and simple use as a smart phone.
It was a simple process in the end to change over. (i may have been 'rebooting with the wrong buttons which got the process half have and stopped all the time - it was the ‘up’ button not volume down)
Its all running well so far. The only issue i can see so far is the camera doesnt connect. Im yet to look for a work around on that.
I even had the Bluetooth working at on point (im in Australia so Bluetooth doesnt work), however i think it may have been a dream because i havent been able to do it again.
Im really loving it so far, obviously there is limited apps but thats not a bad thing im on the phone less.


Do you have a new (12 Mpixel) or an old (8 Mp) camera? Anyway both should work on Ubuntu Touch, right now…

Has Australia banned Bluetooth and made the use of cables mandatory :slight_smile: ?

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Im not sure which camera. but i was having issues before ubuntu touch. the camera kept faulting.

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