No calls on vodafone-sim possible. mobile data works

Hello there.

I just bought an fairphone2 and tried to set it up.

My german vodafone-sim won’t let me take or make calls.
mobile data works.
an o2-sim works fine, it’s just the vodafone-sim.

switching sim-slots doesn’t do anything.
this comes even up in lineageos 17.

the vodafone-sim works fine in other phones.

what is going o here?!

It could be that your vodafone-sim is to old for the Fairphone 2.
Perhaps you could get a new sim from vodafone.

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that’s definitivly not the reason. the sim is about one year old. 4g works, but my provider uses only 2g for calls (for now). 2g does not work at all.

Please try the following:
Set the sim slot with the vodafone sim to 3G and see what happens?
If that doesn’t give you the option to call, switch it to 2G.
Just for the purpose of detection .

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Are you using two SIMs at the same time or only the vodafone SIM? In the former case, please try using only one SIM.
Did you try it in multiple places? Perhaps there is bad reception because of the FP2 with the vodafone SIM at the place where you are?

Does this mean you tried on FPO(O)S first?
Also, as LOS currently has mobile data issues I wouldn’t consider the most reliable OS for testing SIMs…

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