No battery charging when camera is active - where to disable this

I found a strange behaviour: When the camera is active (you see the image of the camera on the screen) then the LED which indicates that the battery gets charged by the USB cable, is turned off.

So if you have an application which uses the camera a longer time the battery will be discharged

Where to switch off this strange behaviour?


Do you use the 12 MP Camera Module? If so please see this topic


No, I am using a 8 MP camera module. Seems that the problem is independent of the module, 8 or 12 MP.

I would report in the issue tracker as the statement that it effects o ly the 12MP module is from fairphone

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It seems to me that it is more a (hardwired) hardware problem. With an second FP2 with LineageOS 18.1 there is exactly the same problem.

But with a third FP2 with LineageOS 18.1 (<= my phone) this issue does not exist as I have mentioned in the thread linked above:

Therefore this cannot be a general issue.

I have found, since updating to Android 10, that the camera sometimes switches on when I start charging the battery, and therefore the level of stored charge is compromised.

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