No audio in Whatsapp-video-transmission after using bluetooth before with another issue

I expect there is something wrong: after using bluetooth for audio-speaker-connection, I recorded a video-post in Whatsapp. Pictures ok, but no sound - mistake in microphone or bluetooth?
Anyone with a tip?
Greetings, Ukawe

Sorry that no one responded to your query, but yes your issue sounds the same as the one where people complain about low volume on WhatsApp.

When on WhatsApp my daughter generally uses a bluetooth headset but when disconnected the volume is very low. Effectively the main microphone is not re-enabled ~ only the top noise cancelling one works ~ so talking closely and directly at mic 2 gives a hearable voice

I have never used a bluetooth headset and have no problem with WhatsApp ~ currently :slight_smile:

There are more posts about this on

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