NO APP/Widget screen after update; can´t add apps to screen

After updating on v1.6 there are no apps on the screens. I can only activate them using the left button and selecting “apps verwalten”.
Any Idea how I can get my apps/widgets screen back (or full of apps)?

Could you try the following:
1 Swipe from side to middle, release on “all apps” icon.
2 Click and hold on the app/widget you want to add.
3 Release on the screen/place you want it to be.

(with thanks to @ZoidbergForPresident add an app shortcut on the main screen)

I cannot move apps from the “all apps” list, they stick to it. The only procedure that works to run an app is activating an app from the “all apps” menu, a very uncomfortable way to choose and activate an app.
Apps activated this way don´t appear on the empty main pages, where I can just see the clock function, the “peace of mind” screen and the “Install google apps” icon.

Perhaps you could give a try again.
Go to the app you need on the main page.
Tap on the app and hold you’re finger there, don’t remove it from the screen.
Wait till the screen changes from the apps-list into the main page.
With still you’re finger on the screen place the app where you want it.
Then release your finger from the screen.

Hallo Lidwien,
thanks for the fast answer, but apps stay in the “all apps” menu. The screen does not change to the main page.
If I chose an app and move my finger up or down, it´s deselected. If I move my finger to the right, it´s deselected and I enter the "active apps menu. If I move/slide left, nothing happens except the right column glows a little (as if to indicate the end of pages in this section).
Any other ideas?
Thanks in advance

Instead of what I wrote, don’t tap on the app, just touch the app very gently and hold your finger there.

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No Chance, although I touch AND hold the app I cannot move it. This ist not a question of handling as moving apps was not a problem at all before the update. The apps seem to be locked in the “all apps” menu. Is there a program/app missing which mages the apps moveable to the main pages?

That is strange.
The only thing I can think of now is try the following:
Go to ‘Manage apps’ (tap far left below on your phone)
tap on ‘Reset app preferences’ (again by tapping far left below on your phone)
I hope so that this will do the trick so you can move your apps again.

Hi Lidwien,
thanks for your continuos ideas. What finally brought back the app/widget screen and the “mobility” of apps was a complete backset of the hole system including the deletion of all files on the phone. Not too bad for me as I did not have much on the phone so I did not even make a backup of the files.
I hope this will not happen again.
Best regards