No Android update since September 2019

Dear all,
I did not get any update on my android for FP3 since September 2019
Even if I check manually update I get Android 9 pacth 5 from Sept 2019 and the system is telling me that it is up to date ?
What should I do to get latest security patch ?

That doesn’t sound normal, but there’s a manual way to get to a more recent version, currently it’s even the latest version (A.0134) …

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Hi Bruno,

from your name I would guess that you live in France. Is that correct, and if so, which carrier do you use?

You should contact both the carrier’s and Fairphone’s official support about this issue.

A manual update as described by @AnotherElk is possible, but cumbersome. Also, you should not have to go through this process every time a new update is available.

Instead of trying to update your phone using a computer, you could also temporarily put another SIM card into your phone and see if that leads to an OTA update installation.

Good luck!

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Hi Teezeh,

Yes you are right I am French, I am using Orange as carrier (Its Orange Business subscription in fact).

@AnotherElk procedure is in effect cumbersome, I will keep it as last solution, However I thank him for the trick.

I will try first to change simcard from another carrier and see if it makes a difference, if not I will call orange and fairphone hotline

Regards and thanks for helping


I solved the issue by using SFR (VODAFONE) SIMCARD of my Sun, I was able to make all update.
Then I used again my SIMCARD Orange business
It looks like the network carrier was the issue in effect !


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