No access to Internal Data Storage via USB

Hello all.

Since upgrading to new OS (17.05.2) I cannot access the data internally stored in the phone (photos, videos, etc) when connecting to the computer with USB.

I select in the pop up menu of windows “Open device to view files”, as usual, but now it appears void, blank! I have tried with different cables in different computers, and it is always the same thing. This didn´t happen before…

Any advice? Should I set anything on the FP related to data transfer?

Thanks in advance!

Just found out we have the same problem. Support and ideas are appreciated!

You have to change the connection type on your Fairphone.
When you connect your Phone with the computer the standard connection mode is “USb loading”.

For Data access you have to change it to [in german] “Dateiübertragung”. You can change it by tapping on the “USB zum Aufladen” and change the connection mode, see picture…

Thanks! It works!

I did it in Spanish, but same procedure!

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