No 3G on second Sim

When I switch to use the second sim to get data I don’t get #G. I see an E that indicates a very slow connection. I want to be able to switch between the two cards all the time. Had the same problem on my Motorola Moto G before but they solved with the latest system update.

Do you know that you only can enable 3G or 4G on one SIM.
If you set 3G or 4G on the first SIM, you automatically get 2G on the second SIM.

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Thanks for swift reply! The need to adress that.

Thanks, ran into the same issue. Is it something that will be fixed with a future firmware upgrade or just something to live with?

Not a big deal for my uses anyway, but it took me a while to figure why I couldn’t enable 4G on one SIM after changing provider. Long live this forum.

It’s not going to be fixed, as this is not a bug, but you can vote for this feature to be added to a future update here. (no guarantees)