No 3G connection after dropping my FP1. Any Ideas?

Today I dropped my FP1. It fell on the upper right corner. The protective cover got damaged, but apart from that the Fairphone itself looked pretty well in the first place.

But a couple of hours later I noticed that my FP1 doesn’t get any more 3G / 2G connections. No network. The symbol in the status bar only displays the search icon (magnifier glass) with no bars. The phone asks for the pin on startup, so the connection with the sim card seems to work fine.

I’ve restartet the phone - no success.

I’ve tried to use the other sim socket, no succes.

I have already opened the phone to check for obvious problems, but didn’t see anything broken.

The Wireles LAN / WLAN is working fine, it’s just a 3G problem.

I’ve tried to manually select a 3G network. There are networks available in the list (Blau 3G and Blau 2G) but when I select either one, I get a message that the network is unavailable and I should try again later. I guess the networks have been saved from earlier connections because there are also older networks in the list.

So my conclusion here is that some hardware part got damaged when my phone hit the floor.

Any Ideas?

It looks like my sim is broken, it doesn’t work in any other phones. I’ve ordered a spare sim card.


I hope, this solves your problem. Otherwise contact a fairphone heaven - to be found on the #communitymap -, as they might have spare parts left and people willing and able to help with repair issues. :smiley:

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Are you using the O2/Telefonica net?

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Oh, aha, I see…obviously that was also the reason why my blau sim did not work today.
Very well searched Urs. :+1:

Usually I don´t face any troubles with my phone at all, but today. Glad that I have two sim cards of different providers.
I could not get any carrier. So I first tested the phone which turned out to be fine with my second sim. Then I tested the affected sim in my old dumbphone and it also did not get any carrier. After about ~ 8 hours the signal was available again but looking online at blau they stated there were no network problems.
Now all seems to work properly again.

That was my worry at last, but it went into operation again after several hours.

Now I also know how much I can rely on statements related to network troubles from my provider and again it pays to have a dual-sim mobile.

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