NL-Alert (Cell Broadcast) not received on Fairphone 2

Every first Monday of the month at exactly 12:00, mid day, the Dutch authorities test the disaster alarm.
In addition to emergency sound signals (luchtalarm) it also sends electronic alert messages via the Cell Broadcast System to all mobile phones in The Netherlands.

Most of my colleagues received it just now, but I didn’t on my Fairphone 2.
I think I have all necessary settings switched on (by default, I didn’t change them)

Is this broken?

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Many people at :nl: Werkt NL-Alert op de FP2? did not receive it, and neither did I.
However some months ago I did get an NL Alert for a nearby fire on my FP2 and since then I haven’t changed any settings, so this is quite surprising. It may be related to a software update on the Fairphone.

I have received the NL Alert on my FP2. :slight_smile:

Good news!

Can you please compare your settings to the ones I posted in the screenshot?

Which operator do you use? (I use KPN)

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On Hollands Nieuwe (Vodafone) I didn’t receive NL-Alert this time. Last time in June 2015 I had more luck.

My settings are exactly the same!
My operator is Vodafone (on 4G). FairPhone OS version 1.9.3

I got it, and so did most people at he the office. It was quite a noise :slight_smile:

I am on KPN and Fairphone Open


It’s not working by me with al the settings thicked on. I have Telfort (KPN) as provider.

I have Telfort as well. (and it didn’t work this time)

I use (highly recommended, by the way…) and never received NL-Alerts on my FP2.

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I got it this time too (last one didn’t go through). I use Simyo, have updated to the last FP OS 1.9.3

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