Nice apps I am using on my Fairphone 4

@davidnbull - just tried Yr - agreed, this looks pretty darn good. What I was after I think. No ads, free-as-in-beer, seems to work well.

Thanks for the recommendation!

Great topic, @FPWulf - not only for FP4 users. FP3 here …

however …

About my recommendations (FYI: mostly using F-Droid - if not available there then I rely on the ad-etc-busting google&§$%!store):

Protonmail for sure. I like that service but Iḿ using it only via its dedicated app or via browser.

Firefox as well

And besides the above mentioned:

ConnectBot - SHH & local shell client

Ameixa Monochrome Icon pack

Amaze - file explorer (with some tiny bugs - but functional and leight-weight)

Hacker’s Keyboard - I don’t like the pre-defined one when it comes down to managing remote PCs via mobile :wink:

Jitsi Meet - free mobile conferencing

OsmAnd+ - open street map automated navigation direction.
My beloved solution for hiking and being out in the wild

Kore official remote for Kodi.
If you got some open source media center running with Kodi (like libreELEC in a Rasberry PI etc) you will learn loving it :wink:

Ning Ning - simple and fast network scanner

Simple (Gallery pro/contacts pro/calender pro/camera/clock/dialer/ calculator) Some nice apps from Simple, leight-weigth, of course ad free and with minimum requirements etc. (pro versions for free only on F-Droid :wink: )

SecureScanQR QR-code scanner

Shader Editor create and edit GLSL shaders (Stop thinking about stupid static backgrounds or predefined ones. Take a look at - warning: nice stuff can be found but any idiot can post code there so be warned. you may see something you don like. but also good art. I think it’s worth taking a look)

Silence encryped SMS/MMS

Sky Map In case you like astrology and hiking through the night

Termux leightweight terminal emulator

VLC Video&music player. Easy to use and direct even libraries of music between mobile and Win/Linux systems

WifiAnalyzer great for checking your own Wifi at home. Nice tool

Zapp Livestream and mediathek of all (German - non private) televisions

Signal my choice of private messaging

Flora Incognita Exploring flowers and trees in the wild. Great project from my pov. You don’t know that flower or tree? … take a pic and see what it is :wink:

MÜLLweg! DE (German) app to report uncontrolled dump disposals in nature. You can send a report and it goes via mail with picture and GPS directly to the next nearby officials. Works great in my area. Reported a lot by now and it was cleaned up soon. Make an effect in life :wink:

MyPhoneExplorer Good for syncing and saving all that’s saved on your mobile

Net monitor - nice tool for scanning and analyzing (your) network(s)

PasswdSafe - my piece of choice between Android, Windows & Linux machines. My big plus for this tool is: it was designed by Bruce Schneier :wink:



@DonFnord - hey, this is a great list, thanks a lot! Many things I have not heard of.

I have used ConnectBot and I will look at Hacker’s Keyboard - the standard keyboard drives me mad. Also interested in OsmAnd+. I didn’t know about the pro-versions from Simple on F-droid :smiley:

So much other good stuff: a great list. Thanks again. :+1:

PS In fact I do use Kodi and Kore!

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Yes :heart_eyes: … and

BirdNET for identifying birds through their songs and Ornithopedia Europe if you see the bird and it doesn’t sing



Best wishes,

Mostly, patience and maybe another swipe from the top solves that issue for me. It always does it if you didn’t care to update for months or install it for the first time :slight_smile:
If all things don’t help: Force stop it in the app settings and try again. F-Droid has more than one issue - but it is open source and I won’t have another store.

I use Catima for some years now. Every stupid customer card in there. TFTA!

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Apps I consider “must have”:

  • Battery Bot Pro (always see what the battery is doing)
  • Binary Eye (QR code scanner)
  • BirdNet (as mentioned above, recognize birds by their chirping) (not open)
  • Catima (as mentioned above, use it for my customer cards)
  • ConnectBot (administering and shutting down a RPi via SSH)
  • Converter Now (convert anything to anything, the programmer is even fast to respond and add wishes)
  • DAVx5 (synching calendars with Nextcloud)
  • FitoTrack (keep track of my walk in the woods or my few kilometers on the bike, with HR)
  • Flora Incognita (recognize wild plants) (not open)
  • Imagepipe (deletes EXIF data and makes pics smaller)
  • KeePassDX (password manager)
  • NewPipe (get rid of Youtube although using it :joy:)
  • Nextcloud
  • Ning (mentioned above, network scanner - the open source variant of Fing)
  • Open Camera
  • OsmAnd
  • ProtonMail + VPN
  • Signal (not open)
  • Simple Solitaire Collection (can’t miss this one when waiting for the doctor)
  • Tusky (Mastodon messenger)
  • DWD Warnwetter (official German weather warn app) (not open)
  • Who has my stuff? (you really need this if you can’t remember who borrowed what from you)

Apps with “not open” I had to download somewhere else. Signal APK is really hard to find on their website, I always use my favorite search machine ( for this.
DWD has the apk officially on their website: Wetter und Klima - Deutscher Wetterdienst - Leistungen - Weitere Bezugsquellen WarnWetter-App (use it when you live in or visit Germany)
The other ones will have to be found somewhere else. I use for those hopeless cases.

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  • aegis - f-droid - 2FA

  • antenna pod - f-droid - podcast

  • aurora store - f-droid - store

  • f-droid - website - store

  • bitwarden - f-droid repository - password safe

  • davx5 - f-droid - sync client calendar, contacts, todos

  • duckduckgo - f-droid - browser

  • unggogled chromium - f-droid repository - browser

  • unggogled system webview - f-droid repository - browser

  • iode brwoser - github - browser

  • feeder - f-droid - rss/news reader

  • ghost commander - f-droid - file manager

  • gmaps wv - f-droid - google maps without blobs

  • k-9 mail - f-droid - mail client

  • fairmail - f-droid - mail client

  • osmand+ - f-droid - maps and navi

  • organic maps - f-droid - maps and navi

  • nextcloud - f-droid - nexctcloud client

  • open board - f-droid - keyboard

  • open tasks - f-droid - todo list

  • pdf viewer plus - f-droid - pdf

  • mupdf viewer - f-droid - pdf

  • qksms - f-droid - sms

  • qr scanner (privacy friendly) - f-droid - qr code scanner

  • simple gallery - f-droid - gallery

  • simple contacts - f-droid - contacts

  • simple calendar - f-droid - calendar

  • scrambled exif - f-droid - remove exif data

  • schildichat-foss - f-droid repositoty - FOSS matrix element client

  • signal-foss - f-droid repository - FOSS signal client and system sms client

  • telegram-foss - f-droid - FOSS telegram client

  • wifiy analyzer - f-droid - wifi analyzer

  • xbrowsersync - f-droid - bookmark sync

  • microG with location providers:

  • apple unified nlp backend

  • deja vu local rf based backend

  • mozilla nlp backend

  • nominatim nlp backend

  • unified nlp backend

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Maybe promote this thread to a #wiki and create a single overview of great open-source alternative apps?

Something like this:

App Description Source
Nextcloud Nextcloud client F-Droid/Play

Just found Binary Eye, a great little QR/barcode reader.

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