Niagara: A new launcher kid in town


the new minimalist launcher Niagara looks promising IMHO:

From Flashlight to Home Screen. Releasing Niagara Launcher after two… | by Peter Huber | Niagara Launcher | Feb, 2021 | Medium

And here is an updated look at the competition:

Best Android Launchers in 2021 | Android Central

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Just from reading the above, I really like the focus on maximizing one hand usability :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the tip! I’d tried it about a year ago and just had a look again. I don’t understand why almost all launchers expect the user to manually arrange app icons. Niagara does not do this, which is nice, but you’re still asked to pick a bunch of favourite apps to appear on the home screen. I mean, the OS knows what apps I open most frequently, so why do I have to do this manually?

I’ve been using Total Launcher for years now. It’s insanely customizable to the point where it’s more of a “launcher builder” than an actual launcher. My setup just has my contacts at the top and my apps at the bottom, both sorted by most frequent usage. For the apps it’s actually quite a bit more clever as the list changes depending on time of day, type of network connection… maybe location? Not sure, but usually the app I want is magically near the top of the list. In addition I have two pages/screens with widgets.

I try out other launchers from time to time but always end up coming back to this simple solution. I also like that the developer is very responsive and even implemented a little suggestion I made.


I mean, I know where I want to have my stuff on the home screen, so why would I have to accept dynamic placement based on whatever :slight_smile: ?

Thankfully there are so many launchers to choose from, it’s rather hard not to find a suitable one in the end.


Thanks for the tip. I’ve been using the Evie launcher which was fine, then I tried Niagara and I liked it so much I bought the lifetime subscription. Highly recommended

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