NFC connection FP2



it is important to be able to get the NFC conection.

When it will be possible?


Jaime López de Eguílaz

Actually I/we don´t know if and when it will become available.

You may search though this forum for “NFC” and find several threads about a wishlist, investigations and projects of some other users for a DIY add-on/cover.
Afaik it´s rather no lack of software drivers, but missing hardware. NFC configurations on FP2 device configs (WTF).
At the end it´s not clear who will deliver a working solution first. FP or the community. But for the latter it could become necessary to install another OS.


That just about sums it up.

Primary issue: No hardware support.
Secondary issue: Likely needs changes in OS.

I’ve moved this topic over to the hardware category, as for now this is not primarily a software issue.


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