Newest batch of FP3 at resellers?

Saw this reddit post - - basically saying that they found a few minor issues with the first batch of FP3s that they’ve been fixing in a new batch before sending out preorders from the main site. But supposedly resellers got the original uncorrected version. Can anyone confirm, and if so, does anyone know if there’s any way to be able to tell when the resellers have the newer ones? I’m in North America, so can’t order from the main site.


I have a hard time imagining how a community of users could be able to answer those questions. Unless one by chance worked at one of the resellers, has access to the information for this particular reseller and is willing to share it here.

And for those not knowing about those “few minor issues”: on reddit someone posted a video from Fairphone sent to people whose orders got delayed.


The reddit post includes some incorrect bits. The extra screw was added well before production of the first consumer batch began (so no buyer could get an FP3 with fewer screws) and the latest video by Eva Gouwens actually mentions that the audio issue affected less than 1% of all FP3s.


My guess would be, that any issues occuring with a first batch FP3 will be covered by warranty.
That of course won’t help @teleute in North America.

My advice would be to watch the resellers.
Some of them might already be sold out, others will be in the next weeks. Vireo for example claims, that their stock should last till the end of October.
Once they are sold out, I would expect, that they will restock with the next batch; so it should be a safer bet to get a later edition FP3 then.

The other possibility will always be to use trusted contacts here in Europe, if you have some. They could order from Fairphone direct and forward you the phone.


Unfortunately I don’t have any contacts I know well enough in Europe at the moment to ask this favour. Keeping an eye out for an out of stock period will be tricky (hard to miss if the window is small), but likely the best option. Otherwise presumably if I haven’t seen one in a month or two maybe I missed it, and I could just go ahead and order anyway. Thanks!


I just checked the list of resellers - those that had the logo :globe_with_meridians: by their name.
It seems, that it is just vireo, that is shipping worldwide (29.95 Euro shipping and handling; no VAT on this price).
Via the avocadostore it’s 49.90 Euro for shipping and handling.

Therefore it might not be to hard to check if they are out of stock.
To my knowledge, they have been very open and accurate on the time for delivery and availability. So you should find on the vireo-page I linked the respective date.
But you might want to check, if there is another reseller shipping to your country.


Thought I responded, but I apparently somehow failed to post. :relieved: Anyway, thank you! Will definitely check in on those, and also keep an eye out for any others that get added.

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Ended up going with a new reseller; presumably they don’t have old ones! :smiley:

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