Newbie needs help understanding Fairphone 4

Is there any instruction or manual to the fairphone 4 beyond the quickstart reference and where can i get them?
my first question is:
how can i manuallye close open apps. my old devices have a button to do so. but i can’t find any in my fp4.

Manually close apps? Do you mean like this?

(Press to view pictures)

Step 1: press square button

Step 2: swipe up on the app you want to close

As for instructions, the Fairphone 4 runs nearly stock Android 11.
So guides such as this are relevant:


Welcome in the Fairphone community.

The FP4 uses quite plain stock Android 11, so you only need to swipe up the screen to open the recent used app list.

Did you see these hints?


you’re actually not supposed to clear the apps from the “recent apps” view. the operating system is capable of managing memory and battery on its own, and constantly clearing the apps from that lists messes it up.


Settings - System - Gestures - System navigation - 3 button navigation instead of gesture navigation

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tnx, but that isn’t the answer. but i got them from another poster. i have to use my finger on screen and should touch the app and than i have to push it to the top. that closes the app.

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great, it worx - tnx 2 u

Your description sounds more like closing the window of the app, but not stopping it.

I wonder what ‘recent apps’ list you are referring to.

The one accessed by the little square in the nav bar?

that’s the one, yes.

I wondered as i’ve always used it just about everytime i close an app - multiple times an hour even- for over a decade and have seen no problems :slight_smile:

it’s not that you’re going to run into some problems if you do it, but it makes app launch slower and use a bit more battery that way.


Thanks. Have read the info you linked to but I’m not convinced. I suppose number of apps and frequency of closing does account for something.
But unless i could see verifyable figures it’s just hearsay as is 99% of what i read.

Although the FP4 has 'substantial memory, which in the sort term and current load apps put on (6 or 8) GB, over the years that can change.

Here is an example on this forum.

as far as I know it’s not a RAM issue, it’s a matter of flash storage wearing out over time, causing slower reading speeds and thus slower app loading times.

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Never exoerienced such problems, but interesting.

Must check my quantum void mechanics, my recent decade of focus.

Will tune in when i get a recognisable resonace.

Thanks for the input

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