(new) USB connection problem

Well, after my first FP was stolen, I got a second one. Now I’ve got some problems with the USB connection. My first just simply showed my my options (like connect USB storage), also on my Mac. Now my new one just shows USB connection, which will only let me choose MTP (and others), but won’t respond after I chose MTP. I have used DoubleTwist before and had no problems, but now the phone will only work with Android File Transfer??
Actual question: why doesn’t it show the menu with all the connections options (like in the tutorial) anymore?

After the update to 1.6 Cherry there is a change in the connection to the pc.
By MTP it says: "… using Android File Transfer on Mac (see www.android.com/filetransfer).
There is the possibility that you have to use another app for filetransfer.

I used exactly this one, now it works - but I’d like to use DoubleTwist too…

In that case it seems as if you’ll need to add AirSync since doubleTwist does not handle MTP, at lest not when connecting to a Mac (apparently it works on Win7 & 8, see https://www.doubletwist.com/help/question/can-i-sync-my-galaxy-nexus-nexus-7-galaxy-s3-using-usb/