NEW unwrapped FP2 Turquoise

Selling absolutely new FP2 even in original box unwrapped. Bought it for the ordinary 525EUR +huge delivery price as it was shipped to Latvia…
(I had some issues with my previous FP, so I already bought another phone while send mine to warranty - not sustainable I know, that is why I want to sell the new one for just 400EUR)
I am open for all offers as well to find out the best delivery option!

Note to buyers: If the new FP2 is a warranty replacement (the ad is bit unclear on this), the warranty period of the device it replaces still applies (i.e. the new phone does not have a new 2 year warranty).
Note to seller: If the phone being sold is not a warranty replacement but a new online purchase (the ad is bit unclear on this) that you received less than two weeks ago, you have a right to return for a full refund (though you would need to cover shipping).


Thanks for the note! indeed this is as replacement and thus the full warranty is till May 2020 but as that’s a new modular phone - hope there wont be any problems with that :slight_smile:

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So the replacement phone you received is a refurbished FP2.

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