New Top Module - Ear Speaker Doesn't Work OOB

Edit: It seems as though the old module doesn’t work either now. So what I said at the bottom, there must be something wrong with the pins that connect to the module. Any clue how to fix this, or is it just a matter of buying a whole new board? So far we’ve spent easily more than a grand on this mid-range phone. Yikes.

Hello! My girlfriend and I are Canadian users of the FP2, it’s her phone but I use it sometimes… we bought it and get new modules through our friends in the UK who forward it all to us.

We have had to replace a few modules since first buying the phone. Primarily the bottom / USB module commonly breaks, happened with two modules, first the USB goes and then the (non-speakerphone) microphone stops working. Speakerphone still worked fine.

Regardless, I noticed that the bottom module went out of stock for a while and then came back. She had by then been using speakerphone only (even in public, lol) for a few months as the replacement module had crapped out again. I decided to go ahead and order a new one with the hopes that perhaps they corrected any faults in the new batch of modules. I also saw that there were new camera modules and I know she’d been complaining about those for a while so I nabbed those too. So far so good with the bottom module, however right out of the box, the front facing camera module posed some problems. I got the camera working after a few replacements and restarts, however the ear speaker hasn’t been able to recover. Has anyone had issues like this, and if so, what was your fix?

She is running 6.0. One thing I did notice this last time I tried to wipe it all down with rubbing alcohol, is that one of the pins connecting from the motherboard to that top module is much shorter than the others. It’s the top left pin. I can’t see how it’d ever connect. I also can’t see if it’s broken or just meant to be shorter for some reason. Could this be the culprit? I’m about to try placing the old module in for the time being, to attempt to give her some privacy with her calls in public for the next while. I suppose if that works then we know it’s a module or module-related software issue. AFAIK there is no special set up or installation that has to be done after installing the new module.

Anyways, sorry for the earful, I just wanted whomever may read this to get the whole picture. It’s been an interesting… adventure… with this phone.


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Sounds like it’s broken to me and unfortunately that is the main module. You will have a hard time getting one as they are not sold in the shop but can only be obtained via support, so your friends from the UK can’t get you one.
Maybe you can find a repair shop where they can repair it?

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Ah, darn. Ok thank you!

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