New technologies for better future Fairphone

HI all, in my job I am viewing lots of new environmental friendly and socially concerned technologies.I am sure that I am not the only one and thought that it woudl be nice to have a space where we could all share our knowledge. And maybe some of the ideas could help in making a better future Fairphone.

Here are a few technologies that I recently found out about:
Newlight Technologies:
carbon capture technology that combines air with methane-based greenhouse gas emissions to produce a plastic.

StoreDot -
atteries made of synthetic organic molecules that eliminate/reduce the use of metals and have super fast charging

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The most important factors for me (and probably most other persons) are:

  • High capacity
  • Safety (remember the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 disaster)

To me, also enhanced durability of the battery would be important.

I just browsed store-dot’s web page. To be honest, I’m sceptical: they promise highly superior technology without any downsides. I didn’t research any further, but on their “Flash battery for smartphones” page they do not give any technical insights, external prove or studies backing their claim.

Call me pessimist, but imho this much sounds like a fairy tale. :frowning:

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I agree, it’s important to not get caught in Kickstarter scams and use only tech that is proven to work. Same applies to overly marketed “green” stuff that somehow ends up polluting more that the ancient methods 80% of the time.

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I agree too. Somehow sounds utopian. We can be sure on extending battery capacity, durability and quicker charging mainly related to new e-car requirements (but not only) there has been done a lot of research in the past and also ongoing. Actually it is mainly stated that Panasonic is the world leader in this segment. It delivers the accumulators for Tesla and many other customers. Tesla seems to manufacture the quickest charging e-car out there. Anyway only a few seconds for charging really sounds utopian.

Concerning Kickstarter, well I have backed some projects in the past, and the most expensive Items I actually did receive and they also works as announced, but the delivery delays are extending regularly…My most satisfying first Project was Solar Paper. But the most annoying yet smaller is ZNAPS…


Anyway we have to find new advanced ways too.

I backed Omnicharge" on Indiegogo and thereby stumbled over a powerbank being developed on my search with quick charge technique. “Simpiz iTron” 18 mins. to fully charge this 9000mah powerbank. Anyway I prefered Omnicharge as it is more flexible for my needs and goes up to 20000mah.
But not seeing this “flash battery” irl working makes me a bit skeptical too.
Nevertheless I am not surprised that this announcement is from a company in Israel, as I had a security system called “Knock N Lock” in use from a company there which was working reliable.
But after the main distribution company here found out about a secret back-door code in the software they dropped the business relations.
If this flash battery turns out to really keep what´s promised we surely will hear more of it in the future.