New slim back cover

Glad to hear that… I would have been very disappointed if there were modifications on the phone itself…

I’d really like a thinner back cover as I find FP2 very thick and big and inconfortable… (FP1 is perfect size for me!)

Will not buy a new cover if it still has the hole for the earphone jack, got to keep up to the competition fairphone!
Any news on the explosion module?


Is that really the case or does the same percentage of all covers break, but only the absolute number of broken cases is blue translucent, juat because a quite big majority of FP2s was orderd in this color?

Btw: I was also pretty surprised when I learned last year that I was by far not the only one to order such an exotic colored case…


Probably. I had a white one that broke. Now I have a blue one and it’s starting to fall apart. This time it’s in the vicinity of the power button.

I really hope they fixed this with the new covers as it’s fairly annoying to have the cover die slowly .

Yup, my first translucent one and my new blue one are both cracking too :confused: I’ve filed a support issue where I asked Fairphone whether the cover cracking problem is solved, I’ll report accordingly (if they don’t do it in the meantime)


Update : support told me there are new batches of “thick” covers made with a different material, although it’s currently impossible to say whether this solves the problem definitely. We’ll have to see over time.


Damn it. This makes the decision for my next replacement even more difficult: Transparent or slim …
Tough choice :grinning:


Well I had a transparent one which broke like the other colors, so if production materials/methods don’t change you eventually end with a broken transparent case :stuck_out_tongue:
P.S: support was great, I sent the request on Sunday 9th October and received a new case Thursday 13th! :slight_smile:


Well, I was referring to


So there’s the hope that the “new” thick covers last longer.


I just hope they’ll get a proper green one at some point… Gotta say, those slims are not looking too bad at all!

If you can afford to wait a few months I’ll gladly keep you updated :wink:


Grey transculent are also very bad, 2 split in only 4 weeks on my FP2. The transparent case seems to much more solid

great job !
I find it great the opportunity to customize a bit more FP2 thanks to those new cases.
it seems that edges are now exactly similar ??
Hope those cases are more robuste too…mine (transparent blue) juste broke on one camera’s corner !!!
and 28€…for a plastic case…is it the way to reimburse R&D costs :wink:

I would say, if you don’t take advantage of your warranty, then it is your generous donation to future R&D costs :wink:


Support told me that there will be no blue translucent backcovers in stock again! :disappointed:

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I wouldn’t say that… (It looks horrible because I tried to glue it back into place in a last attempt to avoid a support ticket… let’s say I have a new one now ^^)


Well, I purposely chose it. I love being able to see the innards of the phone, and to show it off. Blue to me was nicer than the grey alternative.

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Why not? Were they too fragile?

Yes, I try to fix it with hot glue, too. But it don’t last for a long time. So I glue it again and again.
The replacement cover is still in the package.

I think it’s too expensive to offer all old and the new colors. As they explained before, the machine which produces the covers has to be cleaned after each color, so it’s cheaper to produce less colors.