New sim card. What to back-up?

Just got myself a new sim-card from a different operator, and I am therefore wondering;
what is saved om the sim-card and what is left on the phone (FP2)?
What do I need to take back-ups of? Thankful for the help :slight_smile:

No important settings are saved on the SIM card. Older Android phones may have displayed contacts on the SIM in the list of contacts, but the Fairphone 2 does not (though it is possible to import/export them manually). Your contacts are saved elsewhere, such as your Google account, with the Fairphone 2.

Note: I am not sure how the FP Open OS handles contacts, given it is a Google-free system and Google is the default place to store contacts on the standard Fairphone OS.

When switching to a SIM card of a different operator you may have to change the access point (APN) for mobile internet, many operators send you some SMS messages about this when you first insert the card and the process is quite easy that way. You may also have to change the voicemail number, if you configured a shortcut to voicemail by holding the 1 button in the phone dialer.


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