New SD Card issues

I’ve inserted an SD Card to have more storage for things like photos, but since then I’ve had lots of problems with my phone. I can no longer share or download photos on WhatsApp, audible has stopped working (it tells me I need to insert an SD Card…) and I’ve just tried to download a new app and been told there’s not enough storage on my phone. Does anyone have any advice as to how what’s going on and how to fix it? Thanks

I guess you used the first option, after inserting the SD card and formatted it as internal memory. This is know to cause similar problems, as a lot of threads here in the forum report.

Did you use the option to move data or apps to the card?


Have you not read other similar topics?

If you have formatted the SD card as Internal you may well have issues.

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Sorry, did a quick scan through topics but clearly missed these.

Didn’t see that as an option, just to format as portable or internal storage, but I’ll hunt further through the topics and see.

Thanks for replying

This option or requester pops up, after formatting the card as internal memory, it’s no third option.
My question was, whether you used it, which makes it more difficult to migrate the card to portable memory.

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No I didn’t, otherwise I wouldn’t have asked the question. I did a quick scan through recent topics, but obviously didn’t look hard enough.

Thanks for linking that post - I’ll try reformatting the SD card and hope that sorts it


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