New screen replacement - heavy flickers ensue


I’ve ordered a screen, end of last year. Received it yesterday (DHL issues…), made the replacement yesterday evening in a dust protected. I also took care not to generate any ESDs.

Anyhow, the screen seemed to work fine, but the whole phone was very sensitive to any shock, even small ones.

The display will flicker, jump (load of jumps), black screen, froze pixels. Also the CPU seems overloaded, as the Phone seems to need to reload the screen constantly. The phone even seems to disturb the electronics nearby.
I’ve got a small electronic background, so i blamed the connectics. But a quick clean with a alcoolised coton cloth didn’t do the trick. Display still very sensitive, whole phone rendered useless.

My phone is up to date, regarding the old flicker issues (they were solved a few updates back).

Any help ?


I just can do some guesswork, as I am no techie, unfortunately.
To me this seems to be a hardware issue, given that the display is assembled correct; which I suppose.
Therefore my advice would be to (once more) work through the troubleshooting guide and then contact support (IMEI and order number will be needed.
The reply-mail should have a ticket number.
Calling support with that ticket number might be the fastest way to a solution.

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