New post timeline doesn't work

Yeah, I experience this too, but I did not find it annoying enough to report it. You can always press the little black arrow in the lower right corner of a post to reply.

I don’t see the timeline in desktop mode… (even after clearing browser cache) :frowning:

Which browser do you use? I can see it with Firefox and Internet Explorer…

Firefox 41.0.2…

I use 46.0.1 (under Windows 7).

Bin gerade auf der Uni. Vielleicht funktioniert es erst ab einer höheren Version.

Edit: I just updated to Firefox 46.0.1 and the right gutter timeline still does not display. Maybe it’s an issue with the university network? :confused:

Edit2: Oh, Firefox was only in one half of the screen… The timeline does only appear when the browser window is of a certain minimum width… :blush: I can see it now!