New OS F.P to Windows

Hi guys I was wondering if it’s possible to swap from the FairPhone OS to say the Windows Phone OS as I would like to try the Windows phone out but A i dont want to buy a second handset and hate it and 2 lets be honest the windows phone will not be made as ethical as the FP and that’s why we are all here. I’m not a techno Wizz kid so i cant start messing around re writing programs to make the OS work so it would need to be simple :slight_smile: thank you :smiley:

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First of all: No. This will very probably never be possible.

Today it is not even possible to get an official release of any other Linux-based OS (like Android) on the FP, let alone a Windows-based OS.

It is an interesting thought though! There are launchers for Android out there, which try to imitate at least the look of Windows Phone, you might give these a look. :smiley: