New moderator from Austria: @Stefan

Congratulations @Stefan!

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Congratulations @Stefan!! He even replies in the Spanish forum thread with good ideas and advices.


Thanks @anon90052001, for introducing me! And thank you to @Fairlulu and @Subver! I really appreciate it! :smiley:


Welcome on-board :smile:

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Really nice. Especially since the forum is mainly in English.
Just a thought, language badges would probably be a good idea, at least for moderators. :sunny:


I’ve asked @Marco about it. Problem is that ‘badges’ in Discourse are only visible when you press a person/see their profile. And usually you have to go one layer deeper to “see more” so not like we can immediately have the languages/flags beside our names.

If anyone knows a solution through Discourse, let us know!


Odd. For some reason I already thought he was a moderator :slight_smile: Well, congratulations with the job :slight_smile:


Thank you @Chris_R and @Jerry! :slight_smile:

@Jerry: Maybe you thought so because I became a Leader earlier. That’s why I could rename and recategorize topics. :blush:

4 years later I have decided to no longer be a moderator. It was a great time for me and I loved shaping this community. In the last months I have felt that my priorities shifted towards other activities of mine (church, university, life).

I will of course stay a member in the awesome Fairphone Community and will be active in the Angels Program (#fairphoneangels) and the #austrianfairphoners. Looking forward to the next 4 years! :smiley:


Thank you for your major contribution to this community … so far. :slight_smile:

Good luck with your other endeavours :+1:


About 4 years ago you welcomed me to the community and invited me to the first ever Fairphone community meetup which lead to the inception of the Austrian Fairphoners.
A few months later I joined you and @Chris_R in the moderators team. When you invented the #efct and the Angels program I joined immediately.
I think it’s time for me to finally no longer follow you in everything you do and do my own thing - meaning: I won’t stop being a moderator. :wink:


Thanks for investing the time and playing a major role in shaping this forum into the place it is.


So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

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Yeah, we have been through quite a lot together! :blush: It’s been very enriching and motivating to have you on board and going in the same direction!

PS.: Though you should have stopped following me long ago and started following Jesus instead. :wink:

Thanks so much for everything Stefan, inlcuding all your help with FP1, which is still going in the hands of my son now I’ve moved to a FP2!


I only read this now. Thank you for all your amazing energy, work and ideas in those 4 years!

You gave me many headaches in my years at Fairphone. I had to think often how to be able to keep up with your tempo and energy. I think you often convinced me your ideas were the right ones and then left me to wonder how I was going to convince everyone inside FP as well. Lots of fun! :slight_smile:

And sadly you know just as well as me that there are many good ideas still eating dust because we couldn’t keep up with you. I hope that the other communities you are part of, and that will now get more attention from you, receive the same idea-richness as you showered Fairphone with.

Big hug!


Wow, thank you so much for the kind words! :heart_eyes_cat:

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