New modem files - Fairphone OS 19.02.1 - Bug corrected LOS?

Hi there,

With the new Fairphone OS 19.02.1 official release, can we hope the corrected bugs to be apply also to LineageOS? With a new modem.img files for examples?



I can not access all the links but I understand there is not yet an updated modem file and anyway all the issues are not corrected only with this new modem file (and therefore I understand that some changes have to be made in some other files by the one maintaining LOS?).


Sorry, I didn’t check the links again.
But you got the situation right.
I pinged @chrmhoffmann in a conversation about this already, so we’ll wait and see …


I just modified the makefile and built the new but haven’t installed it yet. Stand by.

Okay, the only thing worth testing was

  • Fix new camera module prevents shutdown

but that hasn’t been fixed with the new modem firmware. The other bug

  • Fix power on from charging mode

has already been patched in LineageOS.

The shutdown bugfix has been commited to LineageOS. :smile:

Yes, the shutdown problem should be fixed now through updating lineage. The power on while charging should be fixed by flashing the aboot partition from the Fairphone package.



Moved this to #help:fp2 because it is not about developing new software.

The shutdown-fix WILL be in the next LineageOS build :), the one AFTER

Great work, thank you Chris!


It would be very, very nice to have bullet proof instructions for this,
like: Can I simply flash it in recovery, or to I need fastboot…
maybe here
or anywhere…

thank you very much


It’s not a central documentation place but the exact commands for Linux/Windows/MacOS can be found at FP2 not booting when on charger since Android 7 upgrade


emmc_appsboot.mbn, which gets flashed to aboot, is part of the, so a 19.02.1 version of the should include it, and you could install the in recovery.

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I’m waiting for this new build ! :smiley:
However, build frequency for 15.1 is now weekly:

We feel that the 16.0 branch has reached feature parity with 15.1 and is ready for initial release. With 16.0 being the most recent and most actively-developed branch, on March 1st, 2019 it will begin receiving builds nightly and 15.1 will be moved to weekly builds.

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Wait no more! 19.02.1 has just been released!


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