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Hi all,
First of all - Happy New Year :raised_hands: :star2:

As part of the ‘new year - new adventures’ spirit, I wanted to let you know that we created another subcategory for the ‘Market’, which we hope will encourage/help people share FP parts/materials they have > #market:giveaway

After the recent FP t-shirts discussion that some of you have seen, after talking with my colleagues at Customer Support - which told me about receiving over time customer tickets that want to know how they can just giveaway FP products, and seeing the ‘giveaways’ listed in the ‘sell’ category, I felt it would be good to have a dedicated space for such practices.
I hope this will not only help people in need, but also create a tighter community.
Please let me know if you have any objections/remarks/improvements for the category.

Have a lovely day,


Should this category include swaps?


Good question! Possible to include that in the description or edit the name to ‘Giveaway/Swap’. Would that be too much? Also possible, we can make a separate category ‘Swap’. This way the ‘Market’ covers all possibilities. What do you think?

I actually had a similar idea these past days, how about #market:trade besides #market:sell and #market:buy?

I would still keep a sell or buy reference to make sure there is a distinction between posts for profit and the ‘giveaway’ for free. ‘Trade’ might create confusion between paid and not I’d say.


Yeah, you’re right. Trade is not very distinctive.
Then I’d go with:

  • sell
  • buy
  • giveaway
  • swap

This topic was moved from a hidden category because we would like to make all forum members aware of the new category #market:giveaway.

I’m also pro swap. :slight_smile:

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