New Logo Fairphone (community ideas)

My Logo idea, it’s a tree but also a fountain, so it means:
Sun: taking care of the World
Tree: keeping sustain
Fountain: life (water) and new ideas.

please respect the copyright, it wouldn’t be kind to copy the Logo



Nice idea . I like discussions about renaming, new logos and other designer stuff.
It is also typical for FP community because the master of design, Mr FP-CEO (B.v.Abel) himself is at first a designer then comes the engineer. Clear priorities :wink:
However with your logo I associate rather an antenna in combination with a smartphone. A tree should be green to my eyes.

never mind my 50 cents to my ideas …

Well because the tree is also a fountain, i choose the FP-blue.
But why not, it could be useful to have a Logo in different colors.
Let’s say:
FP-blue fountain: FP company
red fountain: administration, bills etc. :slight_smile:
green fountain: FP OOS
sky blue: FP OS



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