New internet provider, slower wifi on phone

Recently changed my home internet/phone and mobile phone provider, from telecom to a cable service. Since then my computer works much better on wifi but my FP1 wifi is noticeably slower and the wifi symbol is always grey. I don’t use wifi elsewhere so can’t compare. Am I missing something obvious? The mobile service seems to work fine including now mobile data (and battery-hungry traffic apps). I can try asking the new provider for help. But when I first asked about configuring a phone that wasn’t in the online list they’d never heard of Fairphone. And I’m no techie, so can’t say any more than that it runs on Android 4.2.

If your Wifi on your computer is much faster, it could be that your new WiFi router is using 5GHz, which is not supported by FP1 (FP2 already supports 5GHz).

FP1 supports:
WI-FI® 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n

So you could ask your provider which settings do your WiFi router support.

Normally new WiFi routers support 5GHz and 2,4GHz and switch to the speed your device supports.

Thanks very much! I’ve asked, am waiting for a reply. It seems the router supports both 5 and 2.4, and 802.11n should work but not b or g. But since I’m getting a connection I guess it’s using 11n.

You should be able to change those settings in the router configuration menu. Just try the different settings and see if something happens. If you only use your wifi for online communication and not for sending large files from one of your devices to another, the lower settings should still be totally sufficient and not throttle your internet experience on your laptop. As I said, just play around with the settings a bit :slight_smile:

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