New home for FP2 first gen camera? Swap/sell/giveaway

Hello, FP users in Helsinki!

I would like to find a new, local home for my FP2 first generation camera.

(The camera has been working just fine, I just bought the newer version last week when I realised Fairphone would replace my transparent back cover if I paid for shipping.)

Would you like to swap?
I am in need of one long screw (the ones for the Phillips 001 screwdriver). OR:
Ideally, a new battery. :slight_smile:

I can also “sell” to you ‘for free’ if you are willing to pay the postage fees inside of Finland, for example.
We can also meet up in the center of Helsinki and I can give you the camera module for a coffee/tea/pulla etc.
Send me a msg!

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