New guy, how can I help? can you help me?

Hi everyone,

I’m Rhys, I have newly started working as a product manager for robotics, the desktop and the maker-space at Canonical. I’m new to a lot of things recently, my job, forums like this, software development and blogging. But I’m an old hand at other things, mechanical engineering, robotics, Fairtrade based volunteering, humanitarian engineering, tea and biscuits.

I want to help. Using my skills as a product manager, a roboticist or a mechanical engineer I want to be a part of this community and to contribute. But I don’t know-how. Ideas?

Over the next few months I plan on planning some small projects to start moving towards fairer, more sustainable opensource hardware, software and devices. To start though I’m putting together an article on sustainable/fair (working title) robotics. Both hardware and software, where I will create and maintain a list of the best places to buy parts (list of vendors) and best practices to ensure your hacking is fair, sustainable and all sorts of friendly.

If anyone has any ideas or links or existing material please let me know and I’ll incorporate and credit. I want to make it a lasting repository for this kind of informaiton that I can maintain going forward.

Hopefully I’ve posted this in the right place. Hi everyone :smile:


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