New FP4 has been revealed ... but


Yes, but they could aim for more since it’s their thing to propose phones that last more than other. Otherwise it means that either you buy a fairphone when it is released and it’s very expansive or you buy one in the middle of two releases but you can’t keep it more longer that any other phone. I know that phariphones are other sides that make them better than others phone, but I just think it’s a little bit of a shame if they not propose more support for the older models (but maybe they are, I don’ know).

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I’m a little bit upset with the new FP4. I bought the FP3 5 Month ago and I think there are a still a couple of failures in the FP3. Why not solve them first. I don’t think that a FP4 was necessary now. A 4 year period between two versions would be more than enough. Why not introduce a tablet or laptop? More different phones means only more spareparts in lower quantity.

I’m still waiting for the cost breakup for the FP2 or FP3 as which was given for the FP1. What about transparency of the supply chain if the major information is missing. Or must FP already pay for dark channels to hold the system alive? :thinking:

By the way, Please check the programming of the homepage. The links are not working by using firefox.


I have no problem with the fact that they released the FP4. And I am happy that they improved sustainability even more.

But I agree, that next to hardware and sustainability there is software. It is nice to hear what they did to make the FP4 even more fair and how they improved.
But I miss that they did not mention the software side at all - how they want to improve (better tests prior to rolling out patches and more regular security patches).

So I agree: There are still things that have to be solved with the FP3. And we all know that the release of Android 10 was very problematic for some users (I was one of them). And I wish them good luck that the start of Android 11 with FP4 will be more smooth.

So: Good work, Fairphone! Improved hardware, even more fair, good for the planet.
But I hope they will put the effort to software a bit more in the future. When an update is available I just want to install it - and not wait and read the forum first if there are any new bugs introduced with it, like the most current update did :wink:


Maybe you could open a new topic to address each of the failures you have witht your FP3

And please open a new topic under Discuss about homepage errors you find. I use Firefox and haven’t found any problems

The cost breakdown of the FP2 is here (uploaded in September 2015):

And the one for FP3 here: Fairphone Impact Report Vol. 2 — Bigger market, greater impact


That’s been debated back and forth with each new version :wink:
You’ll find plenty of perspectives on this matter at Debating "what’s wrong with FP3, so that FP4 comes out so soon?"


Fully agree with that. As you said, Fairphone has done a great job with FP4 from sustainable, fair, hardware and performances point of view; maybe it is a bit early for a new phone and some users may swap their FP3 to buy a new FP4 … but for sure Fairphone should put some more effort in software updates: timeline of releases (1/2 per month and maybe the same day/per week like Microsoft with Windows Insider Channel), more stable release and open a beta channel for the one who desire testing the new solutions. :slight_smile:


Maybe a more generous ‘could’ and even that is an ask, but at least not an order/demand :slight_smile: This is democracy, I think ??

That’s exactly what happend to me. My heavily uses FP2 is close to end of life and I already had a FP3 in my cart. Now I changed to FP4 just because it’s the logical follow up to my spare-part-unit…

I pray that the FP4 comes before christmas and i pray that it is more stable than the FP2 in the beginning (I had to get new bottom, top and camera module…)

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This is a forum where a lot of people - including me - are not native english speakers. So it would be nice if you could keep that in mind.
Yes, my english is not perfect and for some things I don’t know the right words. But this is a forum about smartphones, not about english grammar and dictionary.

So there is no need to troll about a supposed lack of democratic attitude, just because some people don’t have the perfect english words ready.
Please be fair and keep this forum constructive; there is really no need to start a fight for every post you don’t like.


Ehmm… I pay for a working phone, no?


Sure I may pay to get into business, but it is my choice to buy the FP4. No one says I have to and no one has to give me want I want or expect.

It’s a deal that may work in my favour or not.

I apply no should to another but sure I will have expectations.

I just don’t expect others to live up to mine, though I can spend my life asking them to.

If you want to spend € 600 for a new FP4 with that attitude: fine. But to have or not to have € 600, and to get a device that does not do the job in return rather is a bad deal. As I replied once: Even in the west, some people must cope with poverty, and have to rely on a functional phone on the other hand…

What attitude do you have that conflicts with the idea the buying the FP4 may or may not be in my favour.

String theory is not linear, there are recognisable temporary advantages for someone who buys the FP4 or presumably they wouldn’t buy one.

Being poor is not a temporary advantage or temporary disadvantage it’s more a state of being.

So are you really trying to say it’s all about the

No doubt there will be people that don’t buy the FP4 due to their state or expectations, and those who do and are happy and those who will be disappointed or unhappy with their decision.

But I’m none of those, yet, and may never be so, though did flirt with the idea yesterday in a conversation about Fairtrade ~ and that is where I would get the returns that do not focus on the specs of the phone but the specs of the working conditions.

If people want specs and not Fairtrade then sure don’t buy into Fairphone.

It is not only the Fairtrade aspect. People want to get back control over a device, and the FP4 is expected by many people to do exactly this. Easy repairability, alternative ROMs, exchangeable battery. All these things together are far more than probablx 99.9% of all other smartphone devices can offer.

So when people buy an FP4, they trust Fairphone to regularly fix issues in reasonable time. We all make mistakes, but it is up to us to correct them, and to make things right the next time…


I totally agree. And I think making better and better phones + keeping track with new standards would bring new people to use fairphone. My first fear before getting one was that the phone would not be performing enough. So uptating them seems a good way to answer that fear. And if a FP4 really attracts you, maybe you can resell the FP3 which would allow somebody to turn fairphone at a lower price. (or maybe just update your FP3 but I don’t know if this is possible).
I understand the debate, which is the same as “is growth compatible with climate objectives” but there fairphone is still a too small share of the market.
I hope I answer your questions.

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Regarding sustainability: Does someone know whether it’s possible to use FP3(+) spare parts, e.g. battery or bumper, for FP4?

That’s not possible, as the battery and the dimension of the phones are completely different.

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Thank you.
IMHO a sustainable phone should use parts of the predessor model… Ok, if the size changes, then no chance to use the bumper.
But (not) using especially the battery?! Especially as the battery production (& taking back) is maybe the most problematic part from an ecological point of view…
Well, that leaves me disappointed.

Good point, but most of the time, a phone lasts longer, than it’s battery, so most probably it won’t be left over. And if you take it to a FP4, there will be a working FP3 without a battery, which can’t be used anymore.

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