New FP2 Camera OV12870 suddenly striping, low res camera images

Looks like your camera module might not be connected well. Take it out, clean the connectors and screw it back tightly again.

Thanks Paula. How do I take the camera out? I don’t see any accessible screws. I did do a search here but there are no clear videos to show that.

Sorry, looked at all the wrong places.

You’ll first have to

  • take off the cover
  • take out the battery
  • move the two blue clips towards the middle
  • remove the screen (if that’s hard the first time you can find a tip here: #disassemble)

Then you’ll see three screws on the camera module with blue rings around. Those you can remove with a #0 screwdriver.

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Thanks again paula. See my edit. There is a good video on this. unfortunately The problem didn’t go away after removing, cleaning and replacing the camera. Is there way to find out if the camera or the phone is causing the problem?

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See if a different camera app might have different results. If not it’s quite likely the hardware. To make absolutely sure you could contact local #fairphoneangels to switch modules for a test.

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Ok. So ibought a new camera, build it n, but the problem remaint. Than i put in the old module, and now the camera is working. Weird.

Anyway I now have an unused camera module in original, opened, packaging. Is there a place i can sell?

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There is the forum’s #market.

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