New FP1 battery available in London for free!

Hey all,

I recently upgraded to a FP2 when my FP1 spluttered and died. However, just beforehand I had purchased a new back-up FP1 battery, which has sat in my room ever since – unopened and unused.

Thanks to all the safety rules about posting lithium ion batteries I’ve given up trying to send it back for a refund, but I don’t really want to drop it straight into a battery recycling point either. Are there any FP1 users in London (or who could collect it from me in London) who are interested in a free FP1 battery? It’s yours if you want it, don’t want it to go to waste if I can possibly help it.



No idea when you posted this message, but would be interested. Even better, I’ve got an FP2 battery for you in exchange, as I was sent one by mistake.
Next time I will be in London is around 8 Dec, let me know if the offer still stands!
eveline (amsterdam)


Hi Eveline,

This couldn’t be more perfect! I already happen to have December 8th & 9th off work, so perhaps contact me direct (chris.fitch at and we can arrange a spot to meet and make the swop. Didn’t think I’d get a spare battery myself from this, but it sounds like everybody wins :slight_smile:



Hi Chris,
In the unlikely event the arrangement with Eveline doesn’t go through, please consider passing the FP1 battery on to me. I’m in London (W9).



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