New forum features and layout - what do you think?

Non of the polls are working any more. Here is a list of all of them.

Oh no, would be really disappointing, if we’d have lost all poll results! :frowning:

I just tried to edit the old multilangual forum poll according to the new poll function:

- Option A
- Option B
- Option C

…but I get the error “polls can’t be created or edited more than 5 minutes after the post was created” (or something like that.

Did you guys try that @anon90052001?

From Can existing polls be updated? (1.2.0.beta3 -> newest version):

OK, thanks I’ll pass it on!

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Other than the polls, I’m liking the new look and feel

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The badges error still occurs for the self-granted badges. :frowning:


Thanks @anon90052001, the Polls work again and the data isn’t lost.

About the badges error:

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Badges should be fixed. Writing you about it now :smile:


Yes they are. Very cool! :smiley:

The upgrade to Discourse 1.3 broke the “move posts” feature for me on the mobile forum. Before it was harder to select individual posts (which works perfectly now), but the whole upper section, where you select “move to new topic” / “move to existing topic” / “select all” / “cancel selection” doesn’t work at all anymore (it did before the update).

See this screenshot:

Clicking the links doesn’t do anything.

WOW!!! I’m using Firefox 39.0 and it just asked me, if I wanted to accept desktop notifications!!! :smiley: I said yes, and then in the bottom right corner of my screen there was a popup telling me, that someone replied to a post! :smiley:


Hey @Stefan - is this ‘move posts’ issue still occurring for you?

Yes, on mobile Firefox the above mentioned area is dead.

I didn’t come here so often so I am not too familiar with the old design :blush: - but the new one looks nice.
One thing though: the newest posts in a topic are always at the bottom so I have to scroll down quite a bit often. Is there a way to change this and display the new posts at the top?

@Ruth_FP1 you’ll usually start with the first topic you didn’t read yet when opening a topic, but you can click on the post indicator which says e.g.: “1/19” and then click on “top”, “bottom” or enter a specific post number to navigate faster than scrolling.


Actually for me this is automatic: The threads automatically open at the last read post for me.

Yes exactly. If you enter a 300-posts-topic for the first time though, it would take you some reading to get to the bottom. :wink:

That’s what I said. I only said “usually” because sometimes - if I already read all the posts including the last one - it will take me to the first post and for Wikis and other often-edited posts this can be really comfortable.

I might have been a little bit quick there. I’m not sure if I looked at any closed polls before I wrote this but I just noticed that none of the polls that were closed before the update still show any results.

Here is a list of all the (expired) Polls

It’s not very important - these polls are old anyways and also we have most of the results here - I just thought I’d mention it.

I just got the same totification on fennec. This is really cool