New Fairphone not working

I just got my new Fairphone and it is not working - the screen is pixelated and then it did work for a bit but was glitching out and now I can’t get anything at all.

It seems like a connection issue but is the best thing to do send it back in the 14 days and get another one sent as it seems to big an issue to fix myself?


If it’s a connection issue dis- and re-assembling the screen might fix it. Disassembling the screen the first time is hard with some FP2s, but it’s safe and won’t void the warranty, so if it doesn’t help you can still send it back.

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The 14 day period is the period in which you can let Fairphone know that you want to return the phone for a refund (and you don’t have to state a reason), effectively cancelling the sale. The warranty on the phone is longer, so even after the two weeks have passed the warranty should cover manufacturing defects. In either case, support can be contacted via They’re quite busy, so it could take a while. If you feel comfortable performing the procedure outlined above, you may have a working phone sooner (and get to know your phone better).

Thanks - do I need any particular kit to dis- and re- assemble? Like small tools etc?

You need nothing at all. Just take off the screen, slide the two blue clips to the middle and slide the screen off the phone. :slightly_smiling:

The screen should become free easy. If not, use a guitar pick of something into the crack to widen up it just a little little bit. Of course you have removed the battery first.

It’s also explained in the little guide that was provided with the FP. It’s not that hard, you’ll see :slight_smile: