New Fairphone Impact Report

I just realized, that the Impact Report v.2 is offline.
Since July there is a new Fairphone Impact report online.

Interesting read (at first look; since I haven’t had the time to read it yet).


Read as much I could bear, and it’s OK :slight_smile: so thanks for the link, a little entertaining and useful stats, but I would not want to discuss any of the contents soon :sweat_smile:

Highlights are available here:

And I remember the site used to have the digital 2019 impact report, but the page is currently down, they may be updating it with the new report.

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A YouTube video has been posted to announce the impact report:


Why target only 9 and not all 17? Also why only “gender equality”? Is Fairphone against race equality?

Maybe there has never been a racial issue to resolve in the phone making industry that Fairphone is using. And of course not supporting something isn’t the same as being 'agains’t it.

What do you mean “has never been an issue”? People are racist towards Asian phone manufacturers all the time. Calling them all “Chinese” and proclaiming that they are “stealing personal data” without differentiating between all the separate Asian nations.
I believe Fairphone should step up their game and be more modern.

Are there any phones that are not Asian, so i don’t see the connection. There are many authorities I avoid or at least do my best to, like I don’t buy from Israel or China, but that doesn’t refer to the race of Asians.

I have bought anything from South Africa since the apartheid days not because they are Africans.

So I wonder what you think Fairphone can do regarding the racial issues you see that could be a focus for their business.

Though this topic isn’t about racism, you could start one and draw Fairphone into the conversation.

I agree that racism is a factor in people’s consuming lifestyle but how do you address it. ~ As I said another topic maybe.

First of all:
Race equality isn’t one of the 17 issues.
Furthermore I guess, that even in China (where the FP is produced) racist decisions regarding employment or payment are against the law, while gender equality might be more of an issue. (At least I guess, that might be the reason, that race equality is not an issue, that is listed. And this list is not done by Fairphone, but by the UN.)

It would be fine - for sure - to tackle all 17 issues at once and at the same time.
But - since Fairphone is not having their own factories and only limited resources - that can only be done by companies that are much larger and really have the means to tackle it all in one go.
Fairphone hardly can make the manufacturer and all subcontractors change their engagement in every regard. They might achieve better payment, social security etc. for the workers, while they fail to stop the use of some hazardous chemicals.
Once Fairphone is big enough to have their own factories in Europe, they sure will adress those issues as well.


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impact report 2021 is published

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