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Same also on FF for Mac and IceCat for FP. Though I’m really looking forward to the beautiful K!

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I wanted to upgrade to the unified storage partition, but the link seems to be dead:
Would be great if you could fix that soon.

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Pure Fairphone developpement style :runner::watch::boom:

They put online the “new” website or sell their phones before debugging and fix bugs. :boom:

But they still ask community to make their promotion and tell how much Fairphone is cool.

In this thread they asked feedback… They have some. But they don’t answer…

It become a bit annoying. :confused:

Hi @alexisju,

Sorry to hear you’re disappointed. We did a lot of testing and bug fixing of the website before launch, but in any development project there is still things to fix after launch.

We’re collecting your feedback and I hope to respond to specific points in a bit. Thanks for your patience and thanks to everyone for the ideas so far!



I don’t like the font in the picture. The letters are so wide. And I don’t like the little “a”.

The standard font in Support articles is hard to read (very lightweight) in Firefox, Chrome and Opera (Mac 10.11.6). It’s better (more legible, but not great either) in Safari.

Here’s how it looks in my Firefox (please click to enlarge):

I’m experiencing issues with the RSS feed of the blog ( In the last few days my reader (Liferea) is lamenting the following parsing error:

Could not detect the type of this feed! Please check if the source really points to a resource provided in one of the supported syndication formats!XML Parser Output:

The URL you want Liferea to subscribe to points to a webpage and the auto discovery found no feeds on this page. Maybe this webpage just does not support feed auto discovery.Could not determine the feed type.

You may want to contact the author/webmaster of the feed about this!

I figure you must already be aware, or not, or maybe it is a problem on my setup, still, wanted to ask.

Have a nice day.

I gave a decent onceover at this thread and a few other and found nothing relevant. I’m not usually the type who only looks for a few minutes to see if a issue was already reported/discussed, therefore I apologize in advance if this time I let laziness get the best of me.


Thanks for the feedback so far. Main comments seem to be about:

Forum (styling, font, input fields). @Marco is working on this.

@urs_lesse Sometimes we use “Story” and “Fair” interchangeably but I updated the blog post to make the blog and top nav consistent

Good catch. I’ll pass it on.

Sent to @Marco

  • Team page is still being filled up.
  • We’ll check out that pdf.
  • That vacancy was intentionally removed.

Noted. @Marco


Thanks again, everybody!


Nice work! Can’t wait to see the new font. Great findings here in the community! You make a good quality assurance.

However, I can’t help to think that something strange must-have happened to your face @anon90052001:


I am often here by my Asus eee and my browser-window is normally only 860 pixel wide. Until now I had no difficulties with the forum, but now the lines are too wide and I get a horizontal scrollbar. My observation: there must be a display-border set in a css-file. If I make the browser-window 880 pixel wide, something changes, the wordwrap is activ and the scrollbar disappears. The wordwrap should stay on as long as possible for smaller displays.



Another forum issue:

If someone replied to a post you can tap in the top right corner to see the post that they replied to. Now in the top right corner there is an up arrow that should take you to that original post, but since this arrow is behind the topic progress slider, tapping there will actually take you somewhere else within the topic.

In the example below it will take you somewhere between May 11th and September 26th.


I am a bit surprised there is not yet CSS fix for the forum… 7 days after our first feedbacks and after a “lot of testing and bug fixing of the website before launch” as @anon90052001 said .

It should be easy and quick to solve… what happens ?


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In addition to what @paulakreuzer wrote, it’s not really cool that the text is extending that far to the right, that it’s behind the slider.


The convenient link to the support form currently links to the main support page instead of the support form. Is this an intentional change?

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Ok guys. Sorry for taking long to respond to your feedback. Tried to roll out some .css fixed myself after the launch, but it might have done more harm then good. :confused: I have now collected everything and will be discussing it with our developers this afternoon.

Depending on when we can build a new .css based on the new brand style, I will discuss with Douwe if it might make sense to roll the forum back to a default discourse theme in the meantime so at least everything works functionality wise.
This would also allow the dev’s to test the new theme before re-launching it.

If you see a topic “liked” by me in this thread, you know I have read, understood and captured it as a bug on our backlog.

I will also reply to a few specific questions after this post.


For me it takes me to the support page now, could you confirm this?

My apologies for this, I underestimated how much the forum .css was depended on the old website being accessible. We’ll try to fix it as soon as possible.


Old situation (before website redesign): --> -->

Current situation --> -->

Just wondering whether the change was intentional (they both at least go somewhere)


I had something to do with the decision, so I’ll try to explain it. There are very different logistics flows behind repair and behind cool off and DOA returns. In the future we might even more actually. At the moment it is not doable to switch a RMA between one of the flows in case the customer chooses the wrong one.

So we decided to prevent mixups 100% by just keeping it two separate portals. In terms of maintenance the impact is not so big for us, as instructions for returns are very different from repair anyway - and as I just said - the flows are also different.

Hope this clarifies the matter a bit.


Aaa @Johannes now I get the issue. You are totally right! I was even the one who thought up it might be practical to have a link that takes you directly to a new ticket request… :sweat_smile:

I’ll see if I can revert it back to the old situation, I like it more.