New Fairphone Bottom Module

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There are still some parts missing, like the microphone.
What are you complaining about it, as you mentioned, it is “still not perfect”?


I have free pads and some different microphones, so I can test sound quality and oversteering.
But the design needs to be refined, too, because there where touching traces and the footprint for the connector isn’t perfect, but a complete prototype with the mic is currently used in my fairphone and I’m currently working on a 3D printed enclosure


I thought it would fit in the original housing. Doesn’t it?


No, It does not, that’s because of the differernt connector and the different circuitboard


I’m curently printing prototypes for the back case, but it could still take some time.


Now I finally have a prototype of a 3d printed case consisting of two halves made out of ABS and PMMA. I’m currently working on a flexible case made out of TPU


Here are some pictures, but please note that the design in a very early prototyping state and this is glued and doesn’t look very nice, but all of this can only improve in the future. The back is not very transparent, but with some tweaking I might get almost perfectly clear.