New Fairphone - 4 or 5?

Depending on what you use your FP3+ camera for, you might want to give this camera app a try on it:

Of course I’m biased, but I’m really happy I installed GCam on my own FP3+ (running /e/OS, too):

P.S.: GCam can’t be found in an app store, you can find links in the above topic. I for my part installed Nikita: NGCam_8.2.300-v1.8.


Thanks - I’d seen GCam mentioned on the eos forum a while back but couldn’t find out how to get it. I will definitely give that a try :slight_smile:

I don’t have all the updated specs to hand, but off the top of my head there are a number of improvments/advantages to FP5: -

  • newer SOC (with longer support cycle from Qualcomm)
  • longer support cycle (FP saying they will support out to 2030 iirc)
  • more storage (as standard, still expandable)
  • better screen 90hz oled

Negatives are you lose the headphone jack :unamused: (I’m looking for next phone I begrudginly coming to terms with headphone jacks no longer being a thing).

I seem to recall there being a discussion somewhere on these forums about EOS on FP5. Not sure it is there yet, but I think they are working on it.

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I can just say that I’m really happy with the upgrade FP3 > FP5. Much faster performance, much better camera, though sadly without a headhpone jack. Can’t answer for the FP4 though - it’s bound to be a good upgrade too. I just believe the FP5 might be more future proof (if you intend to keep the phone as long as it is supported).

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Wondering what you need it for? For a normal daily use I think 4G is more than sufficient.

Overall in case, money is not obstacle, def go with FP5

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I find 4G is a bit slow for video calls with lots of participants - it isn’t the end of the world but it would be nice to have reliably decent ‘home’ internet (cabled broadband options are slower than 4G!).

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That’s really good to know, thank you. I think with trading in the cost would be a bit cheaper than buying 5G mobile data for a couple of years… By which time who knows how expensive smartphones will be! So while I don’t love the idea of getting rid of a phone that basically works, the idea of having something well future proofed is good. Might wait to see if an EOS version comes out, if that is in the pipeline (thanks @Winsto ).

No headphone jack is annoying but I think I still have a USB-c adaptor knocking about from my old phone, so not a deal breaker.

Sony has a great solution for that, SBH24. I’ve bought it last year and couldn’t be happier. It is dirt cheap and has a great sound quality. I don’t understand how nobody talks about it. It is IMO the ultimate solution because it makes any headphone Bluetooth compatible.

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You might buy it here (shipping within 15 days):

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I upgraded from 4 to 5 in October, and the main reasons to go for 5 instead of 4:

  • you can not set the top charge for the battery to 80% (your battery lasts longer if you don’t need the extra capacity daily, but you can still access it when you need, for example, when you travel)
  • the camera is a bit better, but I think it’s mostly due to software and processing power (not megapixels):
    • better HDR
    • you can record videos with the wide lens
    • there is some macro capabilities with the wide lens
  • better performance (nothing mind-blowing; it’s just a bit better, and I expect it to perform better in the long run)
  • longer software support (10 years)
  • nicer, thinner form factor (5 with the case is as thick as 4 without a case)

The OLED screen is not a big difference compared to the one on the 4. I run mine on 60Hz anyway; maybe if you want 90Hz, it’s a worthy investment :person_shrugging:

I am unsure in which video I heard this: because of the rare earth elements, the Bluetooth and vibration motor are now weaker. I noticed both in my use: I can block the Bluetooth signal with my hand when I’m running if I cover my phone in a certain way (only with some headphones), and I can barely feel the vibration when the phone is in my pocket (when I’m on duty I can’t keep my phone on vibration anymore).

Things I don’t like about the 5th:

  • NFC is on the battery, and when you tap to pay, you need to tap with the middle-lower part of the phone, and it’s awkward (you can’t place any magnetic holder plate on the middle because it will block the NFC)
  • the original case is very poorly designed and very annoying:
    • with the case on, you can barely touch the fingerprint sensor (not an issue with the case on the 4th gen)
    • it barely fits the phone (hard to put on initially - if the back wasn’t clicked properly, it will not sit, and very loose at the corners after a few weeks )
    • does not go over the screen (if you place the phone with the display down on a table, it can scratch your screen. but it is not an issue with the case on the 4)
    • expensive for what it offers (switched to one from eBay, and I’m very happy with it)
  • Camera 2 API is not fully supported on the 5 (the ultra-wide lens is not available yet. It was the same with 4, but they added support in one of the updates last year, IIRC). This is important if you rely on 3rd party camera apps (like GCam or Open Camera), and it is probably not an issue on eOS (they supported it on 4 even then the FairphoneOS did not)
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thats not correct, at least with GCam Port you can use the wide angle lense

Mmm, that’s interesting :thinking: What version do you use? I did not even try to install GCam because Camera2 Probe does not show the wide camera.

Here are even example pictures

As others I used BSG with Nikita I only had a blavk screen (most likely beacuse its outdated). In general I just use the stock App

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Oh that’s cool. Although I bought my FP3+ from them - unfortunately being in the UK i got stung with an unexpected duty charge, as we had left the EU at that point :frowning:

If I do get the FP5 I might just buy the Android version and have a go at installing eos when they release the easy installer, if they haven’t already.

That is all really helpful, thank you!

The main benefit I can see to the FP5 is the long update cycle offered, it would be great to keep a phone going that long. But then I thought that with the FP3+ and I am thinking about upgrading just 3 years later. I am really undecided, if the FP3+ could do 5G I wouldn’t have any reason to switch. And it seems a bit against the ethos of it all to ditch a largely functioning phone.

I am often dropping my phone so not having a sturdy case could be an issue too!

If you’re adventurous or know someone skilled with OS installations you might already install it now using the command line installation way at Install /e/OS on a Fairphone FP5 - “FP5”.

AFAIK it will still take some time until easy installer is there for FP5.

I’m tempted by the idea although I definitely do not have the skills :sweat_smile:

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np. I’m with you on not replacing something if it still works. My current phone is 9 years old! Software hasn’t been supported for ages; I’m one of the five people in the world who bought a Windows Phone (alrightm, alright, stop laughing). I am at the stage were I need to get something new. If budget were not problem then I would look, very seriously, at the FP5.

Not laughing, I dearly loved the Windows Phone functionality.


It was a good OS imho. Combined with some good Nokia apps: camera, maps. Then MS bought Nokia, replaced the Nokia apps with their own, upgrade to Windows 10 and finally gave up on the platform altogether :0(

I also think the Lumia phones had some good design.

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