New Fairphone 2 (unused)

I have my new Fairphone 2 for sell.

After the announcement that Fairphone 1 wouldn’t be updated any more, I bought a Fairphone 2 last year. After some technical problems I had to send it back and I received a replacement. In the meantime I started using my Fairphone 1 again, and I realised I like this smaller size so much more to carry it in my pocket. That’s why I don’t feel like using the new arrived Fairphone 2, and it’s thus still new in the box. But since it’s a replacement I assume I can neither send it back and get my money back.

So, the new Fairphone 2 is waiting for a new owner. It’s still in the box with the plastics on the camera and the screen and I haven’t used it at all. The papers are with it and show that it only arrived last week. I can also show the emails with Fairphone about the replacement, to show that it’s a fair situation :slight_smile:

If there’s anyone interested to buy the new Fairphone from me, I would be happy, then I’ll buy a small pocketsize phone. :wink: You can send me a pm.

Hi, have you contacted Fairphone about the question if you could get your money back? I feel it would be worth a try :slight_smile: (Though I’m not saying it would be a bad thing to just sell it to a new happy owner …). Good luck!

Hey Yvonne, how much do you want for the Fairphone 2? I also have a Fairphone 1 but since part of the screen is broken I want to buy a Fairphone 2. You could also have my Fairphone 1 as a backup, in case you need to exchange some parts of yours some day :slight_smile: x Lotta

Hi Yvonne,
I would be interested in buying your FP2. How much do you want for it? I’m new in the FP community and would really like to get my hands on one while I’m in Europe (I’m a Canadian studying in France for a semester).

Hi Benn and Lotta,
thanks for your reactions. I was thinking about 300,- euro’s for the Fairphone2. I don’t know whether one of you is willing to pick it up if living close by (I live in Amersfoort, Netherlands) or that you’d prefer to have it sent to you.

I’ll hear from you, then we’ll see which deal is easiest.

kind regards, Yvon

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Aw I lived in Utrecht until last year, from there I could’ve picked it up, but now I live in Germany… Could you send it to me? Since you bought the phone last year it still has a guarantee of 1 year, right? Or not anymore, since this is a replacement already? And do you have the serial number and IMEI-numbers of the phone (they should be on a sticker underneath where the battery is)?

Hi Yvonne, I see that I may have arrived late in the thread - just wanted to express my interest too and be next in line for your phone if the deal is not closed yet with Benn or Lotta.


I live in Reims in France, and no plans of going in the netherlands anytime soon. What would be the cost of shipping to France?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi, since Lotta reacted first, I’ll try to fix it with her first. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll get back at you guys, Benn and Thiago.

@ Lotta. About the guarantee; good question, the papers with it don’t say anything about it, so we should check that at Fairphone…

I checked the numbers on the box, so I don’t have to open up the phone itself. The IMEI number is 359060901541203 and the serial number gives the same number. (I don’t have much knowledge about these things. Google tells me these things are the same indeed. But if you need any other number let me know).

And concerning the costs: that would be between 15 and 18 euro’s (depending on the amount of insurance (I guess the one of 18 would be best).

I’ll hear if you have more questions.

ps. Thanks for your offer to send me your fairphone 1, but I’m planning to buy another (small) phone, so I don’t think I need it. But thanks for the kind offer!

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ps about the guarantee. I thought you meant whether the 1 year guarantee had allready expired. But now I see that it has two years guarantee. So at least it has one more year of guarantee, I suppose. (Maybe if anyone of Fairphone is reading along, they can confirm…? :wink:

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I’ll try to get in contact with Fairphone to ask them about it! Thank you :slight_smile:

I just contacted the support staff about the guarantee, I hope they’ll answer soon! Do you know if the 18€ shipment includes tracking (track & trace) already?

Hi Lotta,

Thanks for checking at Fairphone. I checked about the track&trace, that’s included with the 18,- euros.

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They answered that the phone has been bought through a reseller, as it’s not visibile in their webshop’s system, but said that if you send me a copy of the original invoice with it, and if the phone has only been bought last year, I would still have a warranty of 1 year! :slight_smile:

Do you still have a copy of the original invoice?

@Yvonne123 I finally decided to buy a new Fairphone 2 to have the 2 year warranty for sure, so you can sell yours to @Benn_Glenn or @thiago :slight_smile:

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Hi @Lotta1 , thanks for letting us know. @Yvonne123, I confirm that I’d still be interested in case @Benn_Glenn is not.


I’m still interested @Yvonne123, let me know how you want to settle everything🙂

@ Lotta, ok no problem.

@ Benn. To still answer the question of Lotta (which is probably good for you to know too :), yes I still have the invoice of the original phone (which is from 22nd of march 2018), so you still have a guarantee for a year indeed.

So for 300 + 18,- transport costs I can send it to you if you agree. I’m just not sure how to exchange adress and bank account number, since it’s not allowed to put emailadres etc. here in this forum. So what do you think is the handiest way…?

I suggest we switch to private message first. Maybe we can start to see our options from there :slight_smile: